A lot of Maldivian Mac users ask me about typing Thaana on a MacBook or iMac. Unfortunately Apple computers doesn't come with a Dhivehi/ Thaana keyboard like their counterpart Microsoft Windows operating system. I have always directed them to the YouTube video published by Nail Abdul Rahman (@kudanai) back in 2013.

Here is a new post from Nail (@kudanai) on how to install Dhivehi, Thaana phonetic keyboard with Thaana fonts and  Radheef (Dhivehi Dictionary) on a Mac operating system. Here is a step-by-step video on YouTube to make it easier for you guys.


  • 1- Open the Terminal app
  • 2- Paste or type in the following command and hit enter

             bash <(curl -sL https://git.io/dhivehimac)

Following up on the instructions posted on my Youtube video from 2013, I’ve tried to simplify the setup process even further. Follow this guide for current instructions on how to do this.
If everything goes successfully, it will open your language setting preference menu for you. Click on the “+” button, and select “Divehi” from the list of options provided. If you don’t see this option, you may need to logout and log back in again.
If you opted to install the Radheef, you can enable it under preferences for the Dictionary app.

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